Summer Timetable - Starting January 8 2018
Visiting the area? Feel free to give us a call before dropping in for a casual class. Matt 0422 095 506. Elyse 0414 644 004.
HIIT Classes – High Intensity Interval Training – an aerobic workout that will get your sweat on! Body weight and functional movements in short bursts to burn maximum calories in a fun, fast workout. (HIIT Express classes are 45min)

Strong Classes – Develop muscle tone & strength, plus improve endurance & fat burning capacity. Workouts are periodised, with the focus on functional movements and safe technique.  (Strong Express classes are 45min)

Outdoor Bootcamp - After a short run/walk to a nearby oval, be prepared for anything! Utilising some extra space, think shuttle runs, short sprints, battle ropes, sled pushes... a high intensity session that will get the endorphins pumping!

Boxing – An all out cardio and strength workout using pad work and bodyweight exercises. Improve your stamina and endurance, and relieve some stress. 

Throwdown – A team based session that will be way too much fun to even feel like exercise. 

Flex – A yoga and pilates inspired class that focuses on stability, mobility and core strength. 

Yoga Flow (hot) - A dynamic practice designed specifically for the hot room. Build strength, flexibility and work up a sweat, heated to up to 34 degrees. Casual visits welcome. Bookings essential - BOOK HERE

Vinyasa Yoga - An athletic and dynamic practice, incorporating elements of both hatha and Ashtanga styles, where the body moves in sync with the breath. The studio is warm, heated to approx 26 degrees. Casual visits welcome. Bookings essential - BOOK HERE

Beginner*** - A combination of cardio and weights training designed specifically for those new to exercise, or returning after a long absence. Workouts are effective but not too intense, and focus is on correct form and technique to give participants the knowledge, confidence and base fitness required to then step up to a full membership at the end of the 8 week program. The beginner program is limited to 12 participants every 8 weeks, and is through application only. If this program interests you please contact Elyse at info@brightbootcampandco.com.au

*Timetable is correct as of October 16, 2017 however is subject to change
*** Beginner / Cycle Strong / Junior Girls / and Kids Classes are limited to those enrolled in that particular program, and are NOT open to members. Contact us to enquire about these programs.